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Sharks with Laser Beams, and Other Strategic Goals

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

David Ignatius writes in today’s Washington Times about the need to cut the defense budget (Ike was right: Defense spending must be cut).  Once again, a voice at large calling for defense cuts.  Once again, the call is utterly devoid of strategic thought.

Ignatius calls for the elimination of pork-barrel weapons programs.  A noble argument, however, which weapons are pork and which are vital to the national defense?

Ignatius’ argument is completely devoid of a strategic ends-ways-means analysis.  Without it, cutting weapons systems based on a perception of what constitutes pork is simply fumbling in the strategic darkness.

On a positive note, Ignatius makes an argument for lasers:Drevil million dollars.jpg

Lasers are only a few years away from being practical weapons, Pentagon officials say. Ground-based lasers could revolutionize air defense, and a new generation of solid-state lasers may be small enough for airborne platforms. “Directed-energy systems will be among the key ‘game-changing’ technology-enabled capabilities,” wrote Dahm.

Now, if we can get some sharks with some frickin’ laser beams in the procurement pipeline, we’d be well on our way to a 21st century military.

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