About This Blog:

This is my blog about strategy, chance, and whatever else happens to interest me at any given time. The discussion of strategy normally means military and business subject matter, however, I believe that just about anything can be analyzed to learn strategic lessons.  I welcome all comments, both supportive and critical. In fact, I prefer the latter. I approve all comments in an effort to promote honest, open discussion.  Finally, I believe that intellectually stimulating writing doesn’t have to be boring. Humor, anecdotes, and even the occasional explitive are always welcome.

The first mention of the term “iron dice” in connection with warfare was in Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller’s poem THE BATTLE.   Later, German Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg said, referencing the crisis of July 1914 which led to World War I, “If the iron dice must roll, may God help us.”

War is a roll of the iron dice.  Carl von Clausewitz said of war, “No other human activity is so continuously or universally bound up with chance.”  Chance was part of Clausewitz’s “paradoxical trinity,” the other two elements being politics and the people.  I chose iron dice as the name of my blog because chance is the element of the trinity that is most frequently ignored.  As Clausewitz said, “A theory that ignores any one of [the three]…would be totally useless.”

Editor: M.L.

I’m a fly in the ointment; the monkey in the wrench; the pain in the ass.  I’m a U.S. Army officer with a distaste for stupidity, a taste for strategy, and a career goal to retire as a no-name lieutenant colonel in a dank basement office with a chip on my shoulder and a bottle of scotch in the back of my desk drawer.


Alan “Dutch” Schaeffer is a retired U.S. Army Major.  Dutch spent most of his career in Special Operations, where he deployed to operations around the world, including Germany, Cambodia, and Afghanistan.  Dutch could tell you more about himself, but then he would have to kill you.

Dr. Phil Gottlieb is a former German Army artillery officer.  He is a graduate of the German Military Academy at Berlin, and served in numerous command and staff positions throughout the German Army. Dr. Gottlieb holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from The Graduate School of Neurosciences, Amsterdam Rotterdam.

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  2. February 19, 2014 at 9:05 am

    Enjoyed reading some of the articles from your blog. I hope you have a chance to get back to it. Your perspective was valuable and informative. I retire in 2 months (E3 to O6) but my son seems bound and determined to enlist next year.

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